Watching for Rhinos

Profiles: There’s nothing quite like meeting in person—that’s the way good conversations begin. Short profiles, embedded in stewardship reports, offer quick introductions, a way to “meet” in person. And they can start conversations that lead to deeper discussions, enduring connections—and meaningful giving.

Not so long ago, Africa was home to 200,000 black rhinos. Today, 5,000 remain. With support from generous donors, rangers like Lucky Lekulwa are helping Kenya to rebuild their black rhino population—good news for conservation and communities. © Chris Curry

Watching for Rhinos
“Lucky Lekulwa grew up beneath the African sky, watching for rhinos and other wildlife, exploring the sweeping savannas at Loisaba Conservancy in Kenya, where his father was a ranger.” Will his grandchildren have the same opportunity?

Most supporters will never meet Lucky in person, but the short profile that opens this stewardship report is a reminder that Lucky’s story is also their story. Their generosity is changing individual lives and shaping a better future for wildlife, too.

Following in his father’s footsteps, “Lucky himself is on patrol now, and his son works in the Loisaba kitchen. Like many across Africa, Lucky’s family has benefitted from the jobs, health care, and education supported by tourism and conservation. ‘Protected wildlife is good for us,’ he says.”

It’s been 50 years since critically endangered black rhinos roamed this landscape, but now, a new sanctuary is now in the works at Loisaba. “With your help, Lucky’s grandchildren will keep watch for rhinos, just as he did. And one of Africa’s most beloved species will continue to roam wild, their two-horned profile an unmistakable silhouette on the horizon.”

Leaving a Legacy
“Mugumo trees can live for 500 years, their branches spreading low and wide, casting a shadow that settles on the earth below like a protective mantle, a place of comfort and peace. Revered for its size and strength, the tree is valued for its enormous capacity to conserve moisture and increase soil fertility. For some, the tree is sacred, a home for ancestral spirits. Prayers are offered beneath this living shrine.”

This donor profile celebrates the generosity of TNC’s Legacy Club members, one of whom grew up in Kenya. “He was in school one day when the weather grew dark and a violent thunderstorm blew through, tearing the roof from the building. For a year afterward, until the roof was repaired, the students met outside, continuing their learning beneath the branches of a mugumo tree.”

That childhood experience was a vivid reminder that nature can be our protector and ally. “It’s a concept he wants his young daughter to understand: In a world grappling with daunting environmental challenges, nature’s power can be harnessed for good, safeguarding ecosystems and helping communities to thrive.”

This piece celebrates donors who make a remarkable gift to the future, whose generosity helps to “‘bend the curve toward harmonious coexistence. It’s a tangible way to take care of nature,’ he says, ‘and, in turn, take care of my daughter—and all children.’ 

“Together with our loyal supporters, we can help to ensure enduring progress, a more harmonious world. Like the mugumo tree, we can leave a legacy that stands for generations.”