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Client: UNH Foundation Board | Xlibris, 2009

Book: From the Ground Up<br /> The Story of the University <br />of New Hampshire Foundation

George Bergeron understands the power of private philanthropy—the indelible imprint left behind by even a single gesture of generosity.

Client: Jeff Bolster, editor | Peter E. Randall, 2002

Essay: Defining Community

Newmarket is a small town with a dramatic skyline. The giant brick and granite mill buildings sprawled along the banks of the Lamprey River cast deep shadows across Main Street. Long rows of windows catch the late-afternoon light. Inside, where half the population of Newmarket once . . .

Client: Gandy Dancer Productions | PBS, 2000

Film: Dinner on the Diner

Join four of America’s favorite chefs as they embark on four different journeys, traveling by luxury train, exploring stunning landscapes, varied cultures and distinctive cuisine. All aboard and bon appetit!

Client: Country Roads Press | NTC, 1994

Book: Natural Wonders of New Hampshire <br />Exploring Wild and Scenic Places

Certain things you never forget: watching the mist shift and settle across a northern bog ringed with fir trees. An expanse of salt marsh gone purple with autumn. A dark flock of Canada geese rising in raucous unison against a slate sky. Small things, too, stay with you: wild columbine at a bend in the trail. The sound of frogs flopping into a still pond. The endless song of a winter wren in a midsummer forest. Standing face to face with a moose. . .