As a freelancer, I’ve enjoyed telling all sorts of stories for all sorts of clients, some of whom are listed below. Ive also worked as an editor at several magazines, including Yankee, UNH Magazine, and New Hampshire Profiles. These days, I write about Africa for The Nature Conservancy—but I still do occasional freelance work, and Im always on the lookout for the next good project. Got a story to tell? I’d love to help. Here are some of the services I offer. Drop me a line, and let’s chat.

Case Statements
You’re doing your part to change the world. Let’s create the compelling messaging—the big-picture vision and in-the-field storytelling—you need to raise more money. 

Appeal Letters
Your success, year in and year out, is powered by loyal supporters. Let’s reach out with a good story. Let’s remind them how grateful you are—and how much their support matters.  

Thank You Letters
Mom was right—thank you notes make all the difference. But too often they’re formulaic. Or cold. Let’s warm things up. Let’s thank your donors—profusely and sincerely. Let’s heap on the praise they deserve!  

Profiles are a special way to say thank you—and inspire others. Let’s celebrate your most committed supporters. Let’s make them feel genuinely appreciated.

Feeling out of touch? A custom newsletter could be just the thing to better connect with the donors who power your progress.

Web Copy

Let’s add some zip—and reader-friendly copy—to liven up your site. 

I write magazine features, essays, and book reviews.



AMC Outdoors
Architectural Record
Arts&Sciences | Boston University
Attaché | US Air
The Boston Globe
Boston Magazine
Christian Science Monitor
Cover Magazine, Great Britain
Equity and Choice
Experience Magazine

Family Circle
Forest Notes
Hexacono (Argentinian magazine)
HOPE magazine
Ladies’ Home Journal
Los Angeles Times
Middlebury Magazine
New England Travel and Life
New Hampshire Living Magazine
New Hampshire Profiles Magazine

Old Farmer’s Almanac
The Philadelphia Inquirer
Pottery Network
Smithsonian Magazine
UNH Alumni Magazine
UNH Research Highlights
The Washington Post
Yankee Magazine
Yankee Travel Guide to New England


Coastal Response
Research Center, UNH
Churchill’s Garden Center
Forbes Educational Consulting
Gary Blake Saab
Institute for
Responsive Education
Kereya Studios
Krempels Center
Mobil Traveler
National Association of Partners
in Education

New Hampshire Charitable Foundation
NH Department of Travel & Tourism
New Hampshire Writers Project
Northern Forest Lands Council
Pohly & Partners | GM-People
Psychological Corporation
Redwood Custom Communications | Grow
Rumbletree Advertising
SIRS, Inc., “The Knowledge Source”

Society for the Protection of NH Forests
StandUp Gardens
Town of Newmarket, NH
Town of Wakefield, NH
University of New Hampshire
University of New Hampshire Foundation
UNH Cooperative Extension

Books & Film

Andover Green Press
Fodor’s Travel

NTC/Country Roads Press
PBS/Gandy Dancer Productions

UNH Cooperative Extension
Van McLeod Productions

Drop me a line. I look forward to hearing your story!