Welcome Home

The article below is one of five written for this issue of The Green Company newsletter, in which the Massachusetts development company introduced their award-winning neighborhood of condominium townhomes. The project was produced by Rumbletree.

Welcome Home!

Five new neighborhoods offer new views, new opportunities, same special lifestyle.

The Winslowe’s View post office is a busy place—especially right about 4 in the afternoon. People stop by for their mail. Greetings are exchanged. And then, instead of leaving, people settle in. They pour themselves some coffee and pull up a chair by the stove. They chat with friends and catch up on news.

Welcome to the “Four o’Clock Club,” where the mood is always friendly and welcoming. The requirement for membership is simple: just drop in and stay a while. Which is exactly what life at Winslowe’s View at The Pinehills is all about.

The neighborhoods offer a unique environment where you can be as social or as private as you’d like. And this spring, with the debut of five new neighborhoods at Winslowe’s View, The Green Company is proud to offer still more opportunities to feel right at home—from the moment you walk in  the door.

All the new neighborhoods—Old Apple Tree Trail, Pennington Rise, Dillingham Way, Bradstreete Crossing and Endicott Glen—are built with the same meticulous care and attention to detail that characterize the earlier neighborhoods at Winslowe’s View and offer the familiar blend of eleven Kendall, Talcott and Bradford home Plans. “With more neighborhoods, homes and Views to choose from,” says Dan Green, vice president and principal, “we’re offering more opportunities for home buyers to find the home that best suits them.”

There is, of course, the challenge of choosing. Take the views for example. Which will it be: The long fairway of an emerald golf course? The tranquil beauty of the woodlands? Or a shimmering glimpse of the water? At Winslowe’s View, as its name suggests, every home comes with a view.

“We’re delighted to be able to offer these new opportunities for home-buyers,” says Dominique Sampson, vice president. “A Green Company home is more than a practical investment,” notes Sampson, “it’s also an emotional investment. We feel a responsibility to offer high-quality homes, and we do everything we can to create a special place to live.”

Moving to Winslowe’s View isn’t so much about setting up house as it is about coming home. It’s about the right blend of landscaping and natural beauty, design and function, privacy and neighborliness. It’s about a sense of place, a feeling of belonging. Sort of like that bustling post office at four in the afternoon—where newcomers are always invited to pull up a chair. Welcome home!