Summer in New Hampshire

This series of eight full-page ads was created for the New Hampshire Department of Travel and Tourism. The goal: To entice summer vacationers to visit New Hampshire. Designed and produced by Rumbletree, the ads ran in a number of regional and national publications.

















Laughter Over Water

You can hear it from the porch—running feet along the dock, the whoop and holler, the splash. It’s the sound of summer. Paddle a canoe. Let the wind fill your sails.

Skim along on skis. Or just doze in a hammock. Whatever your vision of summer perfection, you’ll find it here on the shores of our sparkling lakes.

Come experience New Hampshire, where we’ve been perfecting the art of the summer vacation for generations.

Go to or call 1-800-386-4664, ext. 636, to plan your lakeside getaway.


Great Playgrounds

When the long, lazy days of summer return there’s no better place to be than standing at the water’s edge, toes digging into the sand. Pack your gear. Pack the kids. New Hampshire’s beaches are made for family fun. The sandcastles you build together will last until sunset—the memories will last a lifetime.

Call us today at 1-800-386-4664, ext. 656, to order your free Visitors Guide, or go to And don’t forget your shovel.


Kid in a Candy Store

When you arrive on our doorstep, you’re in for a treat—lots of them actually. Quaint shops and art galleries, scenic walking trails and historic mill buildings, traditional festivals and open-air markets—everything’s authentic, right down to the penny candy.

Call 1-800-386-4664, ext. 637, to request your free Visitors Guide, or go to We’ll help you feel like a kid again.