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Client: NH Travel & Tourism | Agency: Rumbletree, 2006

Ad Copy: Travel and Tourism Series

You can hear it from the porch—running feet along the dock, the whoop and holler, the splash. It’s the sound of summer.

Client: Family Circle, August 2005

Camp Wonderful

On a sunny day in mid-July, Will Halby climbs off a bright red bus on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, lugging a full-grown man on his back. Halby looks as if he belongs on a California beach riding the waves. Long-haired, tan and lanky, he wears a rolled bandanna around his forehead just above his shades—the perfect surfer dude. . .

Client: Attaché, May 2001

Defending Your Turf

It was during the early months of our marriage that the shocking truth became clear: My new husband zig-zagged. With the lawn mower, that is. Just weeks after our spring wedding, he dutifully set out to mow the lawn . . .

Client: UNH Magazine, Winter 2000

Science on Ice

The screaming roar of the engine on a Hercules C-130 military cargo plane blows the sound of your voice into oblivion, shoves your breath back down your throat, leaves you gasping, eyes watering against swirling snow. And then it is silent.

Client: Smithsonian, August 1997

Treehouses Take a Bough

I remember looking up. It is summer, and my father is kneeling on a platform pounding nails, each hammer blow echoing in the silent woods. Overhead, branches and twigs, needles and leaves weave a tangled tapestry. When it is finished, our tree house is perfect. . . .

Client: Country Roads Press | NTC, 1994

Book: Natural Wonders of New Hampshire <br />Exploring Wild and Scenic Places

Certain things you never forget: watching the mist shift and settle across a northern bog ringed with fir trees. An expanse of salt marsh gone purple with autumn. A dark flock of Canada geese rising in raucous unison against a slate sky. Small things, too, stay with you: wild columbine at a bend in the trail. The sound of frogs flopping into a still pond. The endless song of a winter wren in a midsummer forest. Standing face to face with a moose. . .