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Client: UNH Magazine, Fall 2009

And Then There Were Seven

On a rainy afternoon in late April, Mary Pat Rowland ’74 is pulling a tray of pumpkin muffins out of the oven when Jack, 17, and Jacob, 13, come bursting through the door, followed a few minutes later by their younger brothers . . .

Client: UNH Magazine, Fall 2008

For the Love of Birds

It’s hard to know exactly when a puffin chick will be ready to fledge–and nearly impossible to witness–but if you happen to be spending the summer on one of the few uninhabited islands off the coast of Maine where these seabirds nest, . . .

Client: Experience Magazine, 2008

Writing at the Edge

From on board the M/V Thomas Laighton, cutting through the coastal waters near Portsmouth, the rocky islands seem at first an apparition, a thin gray line shimmering under the summer sun. They take shape slowly, rising from the sea, nearly barren, scrubbed clean by the wind. . .

Client: UNH Magazine, Fall 2006

Witness to War

In the middle of a hot night on the outskirts of Baghdad, Sgt. Zack Bazzi rumbles along in an M1114 Humvee. He scans the terrain, studies the shadowy buildings nearest the road, watching for signs of trouble. . .

Client: Family Circle, August 2005

Camp Wonderful

On a sunny day in mid-July, Will Halby climbs off a bright red bus on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, lugging a full-grown man on his back. Halby looks as if he belongs on a California beach riding the waves. Long-haired, tan and lanky, he wears a rolled bandanna around his forehead just above his shades—the perfect surfer dude. . .

Client: Attaché, Dec. 2004

Well Cultured

On a small farm in the hills of western Massachusetts, Yukio Dioma bends over a giant cauldron, steam rising and curling around him in a wispy shawl. He is scooping brown rice—340 pounds of it—onto two ten-foot mixing tables, the first step in the traditional art of making miso.

Client: Saveur, March 2004

Soybean Salvation

When Christan Elwell met his future wife, Gaella, at a macrobiotic cooking class in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1976, the two could not have imagined that their common love of healthful eating would shape their future. . .

Client: UNH Magazine, Spring 2003

Quiet Hero

During the 1940s, the road through the dilapidated town of Xian, China, was rough and unpaved, dusty in the dry season, muddy when the rains came. But every morning, a small boy with a passion for learning set out from home . . .