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Client: UNH Magazine, Spring 2013

Magazine Editing: UNH Magazine

On short notice, the University of New Hampshire Magazine was in need of an editor for the spring 2013 issue, and I stepped in to oversee production of the 64-page alumni magazine.

Welcome! I write articles for national publications, as well as producing copy for corporations and organizations. I have also been involved in a number of book and film projects. Whatever the assignment, I deliver fresh and engaging copy—on deadline. Editors and clients seem to like what they get. Check out a few testimonials here. I thrive on the variety that comes with being a general-interest writer and am always on the lookout for the next good project–the next good story.

Client: The Washington Post, 2009

Book Review: A Pearl in the Storm

The simple facts are enough to exhaust you right off the bat: a 28,000-pound, 23-foot-long boat. Two oars. One woman. A 3,600-mile journey.

Client: UNH Foundation Board | Xlibris, 2009

Book: From the Ground Up<br /> The Story of the University <br />of New Hampshire Foundation

George Bergeron understands the power of private philanthropy—the indelible imprint left behind by even a single gesture of generosity.

Client: Coastal Response Research Center, UNH, 2007

Annual Report: <br />Coastal Response Research Center 2007

Professor of Mechanical Engineering Joseph Katz is a passionate filmmaker who will never set foot on stage to accept an Academy Award. But his digital, holographic cinematography—starring 17,000 oil droplets—could help change environmental response around the globe . . .

Client: Gandy Dancer Productions | PBS, 2000

Film: Dinner on the Diner

Join four of America’s favorite chefs as they embark on four different journeys, traveling by luxury train, exploring stunning landscapes, varied cultures and distinctive cuisine. All aboard and bon appetit!

Client: Smithsonian, August 1997

Treehouses Take a Bough

I remember looking up. It is summer, and my father is kneeling on a platform pounding nails, each hammer blow echoing in the silent woods. Overhead, branches and twigs, needles and leaves weave a tangled tapestry. When it is finished, our tree house is perfect. . . .

Client: Yankee Magazine, August 1993

Hog Island

Ten days is not so long, really. In a lifetime, that is. But when you’re a kid and it’s summer and you’re on a small island in Maine, time stretches on and on, spinning out like an endless reel of fishing line cast in a perfect arc.