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Client: Krempels Center, 2010

Promotional Profiles: Krempels Center

The last thing Charlene Lister, 48, remembers before she lost consciousness was a rearing horse and a 12-foot metal gate yanked out of its cement footings, swinging wildly Then she blacked out. After 13 stitches in the emergency room, the doctor sent her home, proclaiming it a miracle that she was alive. . .

Client: Krempels Center, 2009

Promotional Profiles: Krempels Center

Shawn Christman was two stories up, working on a roof in Watsonville, Ca., when the scaffolding he was standing on collapsed, carrying him with it. He woke up a week later, and started talking immediately, but even when he asked the same question over and over again, he could never remember the answer.

Client: UNH Foundation Board | Xlibris, 2009

Book: From the Ground Up<br /> The Story of the University <br />of New Hampshire Foundation

George Bergeron understands the power of private philanthropy—the indelible imprint left behind by even a single gesture of generosity.

Client: Coastal Response Research Center, UNH, 2007

Annual Report: <br />Coastal Response Research Center 2007

Professor of Mechanical Engineering Joseph Katz is a passionate filmmaker who will never set foot on stage to accept an Academy Award. But his digital, holographic cinematography—starring 17,000 oil droplets—could help change environmental response around the globe . . .

Client: NH Travel & Tourism | Agency: Rumbletree, 2006

Ad Copy: Travel and Tourism Series

You can hear it from the porch—running feet along the dock, the whoop and holler, the splash. It’s the sound of summer.

Client: Coastal Response Research Center, UNH, 2005 & 2006

Annual Report: <br />Coastal Response Research Center 2005 & 2006

Tom Chandler’s lab at the University of South Carolina (USC) is the next best thing to a mudflat—at least for the 100,000 copepods dwelling here. . .

Client: The Green Company  | Agency: Rumbletree, 2005

Newsletter Article: Welcome Home

The Winslowe’s View post office is a busy place—especially right about 4 in the afternoon. People stop by for their mail. Greetings are exchanged. And then, instead of leaving, people settle in. They pour themselves some coffee and pull up a chair by the stove. They chat with friends and catch up on news. . .

Client: State of New Hampshire | Agency: Rumbletree, 2001
Advertorial Series: “Winter in New Hampshire”

Here’s a secret—tubing is not just for kids.
Go ahead, try it. Scrunch yourself down into one
of those giant inner tubes. Whoosh! With one giant shove, you’re off down the hill, face to the wind, eyes watering, laughing and hollering. New Hampshire in winter is a great place for kids—
of all ages.