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Client: UNH Advancement Communications

Development and Engagement Copy

In my role as a writer and editor at the University of New Hampshire, I have produced a number of development and engagement pieces for the university’s advancement and alumni relations teams—donor profiles, appeal letters, press releases, stewardship thank you notes, and more. Several samples follow.

Client: UNH Magazine, Spring 2013

Magazine Editing: UNH Magazine

On short notice, the University of New Hampshire Magazine was in need of an editor for the spring 2013 issue, and I stepped in to oversee production of the 64-page alumni magazine.

Client: Forbes Educational Consulting, Fall 2012

Web Copy: Working with a Consultant

Educational consultant Alison Forbes, was in search of an editorial overhaul for her outdated website. She wanted copy that reflected her style, copy that captured her voice. She wanted copy that would set her apart. Three samples follow.

Client: Forbes Educational Consulting, Fall 2012

Web Copy: Student Profiles

Alison Forbes runs a successful college consulting business, but she had an outdated website that didn’t reflect her dynamic and engaging approach. Along with developing fresh copy for existing pages, we added new copy—short profiles of college students and their parents.

Client: New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, Fall 2011

Newsletter Article: Student Aid Matters

When Ronald Drouin finally built up the courage to apply to college, he barely had the money to cover the application fee, never mind the tuition. Drouin, 65, hadn’t set foot in a class-room in 45 years — since he’d graduated from high school in 1963. And he was only recently recovering from what he calls his rollercoaster years, which went by in a blur of alcohol and drugs and occasional stays in homeless shelters. Five years ago, when he got his life back on track again, he had a mission. . .

Client: New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, Spring 2011

Newsletter Article: Work in Progress

The people of New Hampshire’s North Country know a thing or two about trees — and the living to be made from the great spruce and fir forests that cover the landscape. Generations of fathers and sons have pulled trees from the earth, fed them to the mills, and worked the machines that churned out paper. They were hard jobs. But they were steady. You could feed a family. You could put a roof over your head. It’s a very different picture today. . .

Client: New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, Fall 2010

Newsletter Article: Myth Busting

On a blustery late-September day, beneath a white festival tent in an old New England mill town, young girls in colorful saris bend and twirl across a stage, performing the intricate steps of a traditional Indian dance, dark eyes flashing, gold bangles catching the light. . .

Client: Newmarket Main Street Corporation, 2003–present
Promotion & Fundraising: Heritage Festival

It’s an international block party—and you’re invited! The Newmarket Heritage Festival honors the rich diversity of tradition, past and present, that defines this small New England mill town and the Piscataqua region. Don’t miss this annual celebration of the arts, culture, history, and community spirit held in historic downtown Newmarket, New Hampshire.