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“Suki is a wonder to work with. She is not just a good writer, she is a good researcher. Does her homework. Digs up the facts, conducts the interviews, provides the source material. And, she delivers on time, on budget, on the mark – every time.”

—Julia Olivares
Director of Communications
New Hampshire Charitable Foundation
[Newsletter Article]


“Your articles were both thoroughly reported and compelling for a broad audience of readers, from congressmen to academics to industry experts. Not only were the annual reports useful in securing funding, but, yes, people actually read what was inside. We offered readers more than charts and numbers—we offered stories that put faces and voices to the research.

— Nancy Kinner, Director
Center for Coastal Response and Research
[Annual Report]


“I want to express my admiration for your ability to weave a fascinating, engaging story through the thickets of super-sensitivities, differing memories, political concerns and active committee members surrounding From the Ground Up. It was simply awesome!

— Mel Rines, UNH Foundation Chair
From the Ground Up History Committee
[Corporate History]


Books & Film

“This tightly spun, carefully documented and candid narrative history of the University of New Hampshire Foundation tells the 20-year tale of the university’s organized, independent private fund raising and fund management venture.”

— Bayley F. Mason
Retired Harvard Senior Development Officer
and former Associate Dean for Development
Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government
[From the Ground Up]

“This story of the UNH Foundation—in its honesty, its chronicling of the past 20 years, its rootedness, the comments of dozens of the men and women who were among the drivers and the doers in building the foundation—is a wonderful and instructive read.

— Lew Feldstein
New Hampshire Charitable Foundation
[From the Ground Up]


An indispensable guide, even for natives.”

– Jack Barnes
NH Sunday News
[Natural Wonders of New Hampshire]


“Written with the authority of someone whose knowledge is first-hand, with the conviction of an avid conservationist, and with the eye and ear of a fine writer.

— Becky Rule
Concord Monitor
[Natural Wonders of New Hampshire]


“I know what I’m going to do on vacation. With Natural Wonders of New Hampshire in hand I plan to become better acquainted with the state I thought I knew.”

— Gail Kelley
The Boston Globe
[Natural Wonders of New Hampshire]


“Suki Casanave wrote the voiceover narration . . .  creating a graceful flow and expansive rhythm, reminiscent of the cadence of these vintage trains.”

— Jan Murray
iCOM Magazine
[Dinner on the Diner]



“This is just right—smart, entertaining, well informed.”

—Ron Charles
Fiction Editor
Washington Post
["Earth's Best," Washington Post]

“The article looks great. Your writing is so fine! And our team of researchers is really pleased. All of your long research is wrapped together so gracefully. Amazing!”

—Martha Carlson
University of New Hampshire
["The Quest," UNH Magazine]


“The phones are ringing off their hooks. Yankee readers from around the country are responding eagerly to the wonderful article you produced.

— Stephen P. Barba
President & Managing Partner
The BALSAMS Grand Resort Hotel
["For Love of the North Country," Yankee Magazine]


“What a great story . . . I am very much impressed with your writing skills. You’re in the right profession for sure!

— Don Reid
Massachusetts Audubon Society
["Bird Man," Yankee Magazine]